Level 3

P24 Network Services

Reach Candidates, who have to be convinced


The challenge: experts and managers are difficult to find on the market and generally they already have quite a good job. Why should they change their job? With our individual network-services we are able to use the power of the Placement24 Network and their cooperation partner in order to identify the most suitable candidates for difficult vacant positions. We would be pleased to advise you: services can be combined depending on the complexity of vacancy.



Employer Branding

Our individual employer-branding products and campaigns will support you in your war of talents in order to fill your vacant positions faster and strengthen your brand value as well as the perception of your company.

Branding space at Placement24

Co-branded campaign page

Your co-branded campaign page with your company logo, your offers and your linking will be modeled by us. A co-branded campaign will help you to win your target audience. You will be able to reach your co-branded campaign page with one click through single/particular modules or your co-branded campaign page will be integrated into one specific area.

Exclusive Ad

Your exclusive Ad will be attached permanently to the welcome page of our candidates. Hence you will receive the highest possible attention of a candidate the moment he visits his profile at Placement24. Professionals are able to reach your campaign page with one click.

Inline Ad

Could you imagine a better place to present your brand as the place where thousands of professionals are looking for a new challenge at this very moment? The turbo for your campaign is your commercial in our call for tenders search results.


Use our homepage banner to reach thousands of Placemente24 visitors daily and draw attention to yourself as a premium-partner.


The strongest product of our performance. As an official Placement24 partner we are going to represent you and your company to professionals through an exclusive mailing. Your campaign page will be reached by just one click.


Your offer as mailing-ad in our weekly report. Our mailing is reaching a million of candidates within a month and we guarantee you an exclusive ad space in this mailing. Hence you will reach not only professionals, who are actively searching on our side, but all of our candidates.

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Combine the releasing of your Job-Ad with a proper research in our database through our consultants. From more than 400.000 talents we identify the best-fitting candidate for your needs. A personal e-mail will be send to these candidates to recommend your job offer.

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Ident Solution

Based on your briefing our skilled researchers identify for you suitable candidates at Placement24 or if necessary in other portals. We offer you a wide range of recruiting services from a pure ident service until candidate pre check.

Basic Ident

„The perfect overview of suitable candidates“


All we need is your vacancy and background information to find a suitable candidate in our CV-Pools/ Social-Media-Portal. This candidate will receive an exclusive hint to your job offer. Furthermore you will receive a glance of our candidates including their company, position and possibly contact details.
30 days contract.

Complete Ident

„Perfect candidates + vacancy + check“


All Basic Ident Services included. On top we take out an ad at our platinum-vacancies as well as we do the direct research up to five selected companies for you. Placement24 employees arrange a first contact with your candidates to assure they are interested in having a conversation with you.
40 days contract inclusive Ad and first-contact.


B2B Tender-System

Companies are able to tender vacant positions at JobTender24 and more than 6.000 headhunters in over 25 countries searching within their pools and networks for suitable candidates to suggest for this vacant position. You only pay for success and the amount of the commission itself is determined.